Spring Is Almost Here – Celebrate With New Art!

"Serenity Sanction" Acrylic On Canvas w/ Mixed-Media 12" x 12" ©2015 Available $225 Contact For Purchase Info

Even though spring doesn’t officially begin for another 11 days after this post, today’s beautiful and warm weather may mean that the season has arrived a bit early like a someone trying to find a good seat. Bring it on I say. I’ve never made any qualms about my dislike for winter (though, snow does make for great photo ops). I’ll choose daffodils over ice-storms any day.

So, in order to help celebrate all the freshness and newness that is Spring – why not do something new for yourself and/or your home and purchase an original and affordable work of art? it just so happens that I have several recent works impatiently hanging around my studio that would just love to find a cozy spot on your empty and lonely wall.

I’ve decided to start posting more recent work here on the SprouseArt.com blog with relative frequency, so if anything strikes your interest, please feel free to reach out for more information!

Here are three recent abstract works, two of which are still available and for a very good price! Contact me if you would like an original Sprouse in your home.

It will look great by the window overlooking the daffodils in your garden…

Thanks for looking and enjoy this great weather!