Photo Love

"Orange Sunshine" ©2016 Michael Sprouse Inquire About Print

I’ve been an avid fan of photography since I was a kid after I took my first photography class in junior high. That was quite some time ago – in a land very pre-digital cameras and smart phones.

It was a small class of students interested in journalism and photo journalism and we all shared a few inexpensive 35MM cameras. I still remember the thrill of watching my images appear on the photo paper in the darkroom. It was practically transcendent to a 12 year old kid from a working class family in Kentucky. It’s an old school experience by most young photog’s standards now and one that many of them may never have. But, art evolves as do the tools with which to create it.

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Today, I love my digital mirrorless camera as well as the incredible camera on my iPhone6. There’s probably still traditionalist photographers gathered under a rock somewhere that may dismiss the digital age of photography, but as an artist, I truly believe that the availability of cameras to the masses is a brilliant thing. At least in the sense that it opens up people around the world to visual thinking.

Regardless of the subject matter – from cheesy selfie to exquisite wave and surf photography (for example – check out the work of my friend, co-worker and TwinFin Cinematographer Nick Gruber), we live in a photo and video fueled world.

Whether the person snapping a photo realizes it or not, whether they beleive it or not, the second they hit the button on the camera, they become an artist – even if just for that moment. The one main connecting thread between all visual artists is visual documentation. If you’re taking a photo – of anything – you’re documenting that nano-moment in time and you have stepped into the world of making art.

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Until next time, keep documenting your life through your camera and wake up to the world of art that is all around you.