July 26: Summer 2017 Sprouse Art Studio Sale

Acrylic On Canvas 36" x 24" x 1.5" Price Available On request

Hello all! It’s time for a Summer Sprouse Art Sale! I’m taking part in an exhibit here in Lewes, Delaware titled “Face to Face to Face” at the Peninsula GalleryI’ll be exhibiting new works along with fellow artists Syd McGinley and Karin Snoots. It’s a figurative show with an accent on contemporary portraiture. The exhibit opens October 7, 2017 and runs through October 28th, with a scheduled Opening Reception on Saturday evening, October 8th.

Of course, as is usually the case after July melts its way off the calendar, October will be here before you know it (I honestly saw Halloween Candy on the shelves of the local Rite-Aid a few days ago). As I prepare for this exhibit, I need to make room for my new work which means it’s time to move out some of the older – though still perfectly wonderful – paintings and other works of art from my studio. The Summer Sprouse Art Sale helps with that process!

Most of the work that composes the available items can be purchased from in between $75 to $750 dollars! Here are just some of the works available from my studio. Feel free to contact me for more information about the work, or commissions, or any other work of art from my web site that you find of interest!