MDSheadshot032016Michael Sprouse has spent his entire professional career working in the visual, literary and performing arts.

A true Art Renaissance man, from painter to actor, gallery curator to stage manager, photographer to digital designer, newspaper columnist to television personality - there are very few branches of the arts that Sprouse has yet to experience.

Co-Founder of TwinFin Media, Sprouse's current role is that of a multi-media journalist, on-air host and co-producer of The Arts & Entertainment Report and Coastal Cuisine - both of which air weekly on WRDE - Delaware's NBC affiliate.

Use this site to see examples of his work as a visual artist and television personality, stay on top of upcoming events and public appearances and to learn more about the thriving arts community throughout the Mid-Atlantic  - a beautiful region of the United States which Sprouse has called home for more than 14 years.

Work By Visual Artist Michael Sprouse

Michael Sprouse: Abstract Painting, Portraiture, Photography and much more...